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We Specialize in Helping Your Company Discover and Share its True Brand Identity.

To build and sustain a successful brand you need clear and memorable messages to share with customers. After we help you discover and share your true brand identity, your team will become empowered, sales will increase, and your company will grow.

Our services include:

  • Brand Discovery
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Development
  • Brand Film
  • Production

  • Social Media Content Production
  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
All our services are supported by our storyboard brand messaging process and will result in compelling communications that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

We offer our services a la carte and in convenient packages that benefit your bottom line.


1. Brand Development

There are three fundamental ingredients that every brand needs to be memorable:

A well designed icon
or logo

A compelling customer focussed story

A website to share how
you help customers thrive

  • With Brand Development, you’ll get an attractive family of logo designs, a brand storyboard to help you share your story with the world, and a powerful website that will become the bedrock for growing your business.
  • If you’ve ever felt like the look, feel, and display of your brand falls short of its potential, this is the package for you.
  • Our team of talented brand builders will work hand in hand with you to create a new foundation for your brand.
  • In 90 days, we’ll hand you all the ingredients you need to help your customers tell your story for you.
Our Brand Development Package will
help guide you through the creation of
all three of these essential elements.

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2. Brand Strategy

Every business needs someone to talk to about their brand strategy.

Unfortunately, most leaders don’t have a
trusted advisor to help them keep their brand
on the right track.
  • Our Brand Strategy services are designed to help you keep your brand moving in the right direction.
  • Additionally, during a Brand Strategy session, we will discuss any concerns or problems your company is currently facing and find ways that your brand marketing can help.
  • These focussed sessions can be held in person, virtually, or even over the phone.

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During a Brand Strategy Session, we’ll discuss the following critical components of your brand strategy:
How you’re telling your story
How customers are responding to your
brand marketing
How you can make your brand stand
out from the competition

3. Brand Films

We believe a great brand film should allow the viewer to tell that brand’s story after only one viewing.

What We’ll Deliver for You

A pre-production meeting with our talented team to discover your key objectives and understand your purpose for communicating with video.
Film Guide
A film guide that outlines the project and what we will need to capture with our cameras in order to make it successful.
Video Shoot
A half-day or full-day shoot designed to maximize efficiency and take up a minimal amount of your time.
Brand Film
A Brand Film that meets your goals, delivers on expectations, and helps your customers better understand the value of your company.
  • Our Brand Films are designed to make your products and services stand out from the competition in a way that makes your value proposition easy to understand.
  • Most businesses know they need to produce more video content for their marketing efforts but are worried about the cost. Our Brand Film approach will result in a collection of films that showcase both your full brand story and it’s key elements individually.
  • We customize our proposals based on your needs, but our process is designed to get you the film you need at a quality and cost you can’t beat.

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Whenever I struggle with how or where to communicate my brand message, a quick phone call to Jay is sure to sort out my thoughts and end with a clear strategy. Jay has a keen ability to listen to the problem at hand and offer a thoughtful and simple solution. These “brand therapy” sessions have helped move my business forward tremendously!
Carolyn Allen
— Carolyn Allen, Owner, Carolyn Allen Photography

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