Revell Media

Public Relations – Strategic Consulting – Creative Storytelling

When your phone rings…it’s because someone thought of you.

When an email comes in…it’s because someone thought of you.

When you get the opportunity to do business…it’s because someone thought of you.

So, who thinks of you? Do you know why?

The key to success lies in those answers.

My name is Jay Revell and people think of me when they are looking for a creative way to change their outcomes for the better. My company, Revell Media, exists to help clients who are looking to find answers and leave a memorable impression. Should your business or organization be in need of a new strategy that enables people to think of you more, I’m here to assist.

“Revell is a leading voice in business circles and trumpets Tallahassee’s untapped potential for growth.”

Tallahassee Democrat